Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well, now, how about buying a new house?

Gosh, this is fun, isn’t it? The Congressional hearings, the ripoff artists, the ducking bureaucrats, maybe a new American currency (the Amero?), bonuses for all (oh, didn’t yours come?), etc.

You deserve a new house.

There is a rumor going around that buried in one of those behemoth bills was a clause saying you can get a $8K tax credit for a new house.

Ooops—not you. First-time buyers. Wait—it’s OK. This means you have not owned a primary home for 3 years. Not first-time EVER.

OK. You must buy this dwelling this year, 2009. If you got one in 2008, you get $7,500 but have to pay it back over 15 years.

Stay in the new 2009 home for three years, and you don’t have to pay back the $8K.

If you are building, you must occupy this year.

Oh, and the $8K is the max—the credit is equal to 10% of the purchase price up to $8K.

Confused yet? Well, good for you! This ought to do it—if you buy in 2009, you can claim the credit on 2008—just file an amended return.

And then jump out of your new window!


Debbi Mack said...

You got me snickering with recession-era glee! Who knew hard times could be so much fun?

Star Lawrence said...

Remember my motto: Life is terrible and hard but never serious.

raGing said...

Countrywide-Bank of America can kiss my behind.

I'd been looking for some cheap farmland in W.VA to run away & hide from the money grubbers. Since they have no roads there to speak of(except Robert Byrd's road to nowhere) I figured it's plenty remote,
until seeing this old moonshiner done in by the ATF:
the man was a genius. DOC channel on cable has been running a film about him called "The Last One". it was first released in 11/08.
damned government won't even let us grow our own food without butting in. how do they expect old ppl to eat & pay a mortgage w/401k's in the crapper?
how does Century Village Commune sound for the name of the new farm? I'm looking for business partners.

Star Lawrence said...

I loved that obit on "Popcorn" Sutton--go read about a guy who did it his way and everyone else could take a jump.

Star Lawrence said...

My ex- and I once looked at some farms for sale when coming back from Berkeley WV on a writing trip for Travel & Leisure. Pretty ramshackle and isolated, buckled linoleum and so on. I couldn't see it--and now look, I am in the burbs! Also pretty ramshackle and isolated. Go know.