Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"The G" is trying to help, really it is

Some other weird ways to job hunt

Are you getting the notion yet, from what the pres says, that this economy is not “going back” to anything, but radically changing? There may not be jobs left for everyone, like a really twisted form of musical chairs.

Anyhow, if you are looking for job hunting ideas other people may not be using, check with the Dept of Labor’s “Career One Stop.” It is tips on everything from applying to unemployment to where to find faxes and computers you can use if you don’t have one. The counselors also know about obscure job training you may not have heard of.

The Depts of Labor and Education had also collaborated on something called Career Voyages, providing info on high-demand jobs and how to qualify or train for them. Go to

Goodwill-remember them—also does job training and placement. Go to

The Jewish Vocational Services has been around since the last Big D. The branches know the needs of employers in their areas. Go to

And don’t forget temp agencies. So many people may think those are a thing of the past that they won’t go there. They still exist. Sign up with many.

Any other offbeat ideas, readers?


Delaware Job Hunters said...

This article reminds me of this quote, "Seasonal unemployment was found to be a state which does not have much employment, for example, rural areas."

But there are career experts who conduct seminars giving advice about the needed skills to compete in today's competitive job market.

Star Lawrence said...

True--and if people still subbed to newspapers
--hello, job hunters--they would find all sorts of helpful tidbits.