Monday, April 6, 2009

Going, going...gone over?

The new hot happening deal is grocery auctions. Beats Costco all hollow.

They are just like real auctions with the fast-talking auctioneer and everything.
You are bidding on canned food (sometimes with no labels), toilet paper or frozen pizzas.

An auction in rural Pennsylvania attracted 300 people!

These are leftover or damaged goods from stores and restaurant purveyors. Some may be past the sell-by date but are still OK.

So far, nine states are holding these.

Be sure—unlike some of our dear leaders—that you know the “real” cost of milk or frozen broccoli so you don’t overbid.

Could be a good way to stock your freezer with meat or another high-ticket item. You know—break up the all peanut butter all the time diet.


Joan Price said...

Speaking of damaged goods and peanut butter (but not auctions), my town used to have a store that specialized in damaged goods retrieved from train wrecks and who knows where else. I regularly bought peanut butter in dented cans (I think they were on their way to the military) and bags of broken cookies. I was so sorry when the store closed a few decades ago!

Your blog is great, Star -- glad I discovered it!

Joan Price

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Star Lawrence said...

I would buy food from a train wreck!