Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unemployed and feeling puny--head for Walgreens

If you lost a job after March 31, you can get free care through 2009 at your nearest Walgreens in-store clinic. This applies only to adults, but spouses, domestic partners, and children also qualify if they don’t have insurance.

A catch? You have to already have gone to a Take Care clinic.

You have to be able to prove you are receiving or will get unemployment.

Once you find a new job, even if it does not come with insurance, you no longer qualify.

Quest Diagnostics will toss in some simple lab tests, too.

In the last three years, 1.25 million people have gone to the Take Care clinics. There are 330 in-store locations.

This seems pretty decent of Walgreens—I applaud it.

Of course--you do have to pay for the prescriptions. This is capitalism! (Still)


Sal said...

I think it is good that Walgreens is trying to do something. I know that they want to drum up business in the long run, but I'm not going to knock them. The other year when I was traveling, I developed symptoms that could have indicated either a viral or bacterial infection. I went to one of their clinics and was relieved to learn it was viral. The nurse practitioner suggested several OTC meds that would relieve the symptoms. She said she could write a script, but it would cost more and wouldn't work any better.

Star Lawrence said...

Sounds like a practitioner after my own heart. I give everyting a TON of time to go away on its own. I wasn't knocking Walgreens--why shouldn't they get something out of it?

Sal said...

I didn't think you were knocking Walgreens. I also believe they offer a service that fills a gap and should make a profit from doing it. The intent of my post was to point out a positive experience with the company.

Star Lawrence said...

We agree. Walgreens=good guy.