Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You can triumph even in the big stores

Tania Anderson, writing on, says you need to outsmart the stores these days. First, leave the kiddies at home. Did you know they influence 80% of their parents’ buying? I don’t mean candy and that stuff, either.

Bring the kid—buy 30% more. Retailers are licking their chops.

Make a list. Remember those? Sticking to the list and buying the cheapest of each product on it—save a third!

Forget those limited-time offers. And those free gift things—how free is free if you have to buy something for $29 to get it?

Forget the fear appeals—all your teeth will fall out, etc. It’s just toothpaste.

Bring a calculator. Add up groceries as you go along.

Change your shopping habits—cruise different aisles, check prices in a different store.

And might I add—you might see a food you used to like that you don’t normally buy. It’s fun!

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Star Lawrence said...

I tried to take my own advice to get a tree for the front yard. We have two nurseries in town, owned by brothers. Anyhow they adv all the time--we have too many trees, save us, we are in tree hell, these trees must go, etc. I read these ads yr after yr and usually the price is no bargain, but I decided to call and ask could they bring over a tree and plant it for $100? I paid $150 for a gardener to buy one last time and dig the hole. He went on about Type One and Type Two ash trees--I wouldn't want Type 2, would I? In other words, same old garbage. His price was $179--which I know is their regular price. Could he do better? No. Sorry, guy.