Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good riddance

I know—every time you walk into the garage, you think, “We need to sell this cr….er, stuff.”

At least, I do. Half the stuff is my kid’s, her friends’, could go to the trash…and so on.

One garage sale expert says keep all your sale items in one spot, then you can just open the garage door and you’re all set for customers.

Sure. Definitely—all in one spot. Got it.

She also says don’t bother pricing, ask people what they will give. You will end up with more.

My daughter used to go up to the seller when she was small and say, “What would you charge a little child for this?” Worked every time!

Even if you advertise—you still need signs around the nabes. Neon pink, black marker, this woman says.

Provide cold drinks or water—for a price, say a dollar. This is especially important in Arizona—who wants to haul off dead bodies?

A lot of people say “No early birds.” But this is the time to get up early, grab the money, and knock off.

Smile—be happy. These people are paying you to tote this stuff away.


Star Lawrence said...

I put some big stuff on Craigs--that worked, too.

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