Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Outplacement no big woo for some

Time was, when you lost a big exec job, they provided outplacement services to cushion the blow.

Now, according to Phred Dvorak and Joann S. Lublin, WSJ, Aug 20, 2009), companies are skimping on such services, limiting the time they can be used.

Resume services can be impersonal and rote, or even wrong, from these services.

Many times employees (40%) don’t show up for outplacement or prefer cash. Two-thirds of companies that had layoffs offered the service.

Employees are angry, the cos say—and that anger gets transferred to them.

One feature is an office to use to look for work. Companies don’t track how many people get jobs, though, although some are gearing up to do this.

Sometimes, anecdotally, the advice is weird—one client was told not to drink diet Coke, it makes you look immature.

One woman did not like the resume a company did for her—too many dates on it, pinpointing her age. They sent it anyway—with a cover letter with a typo in it.

To make it worse, the same typo letter and weird resume approach from another client went with hers to the same potential employers.

Both went to File 13.

For you young people, that’s the trash.


Star Lawrence said...

Speaking of laid-off, we are hornetbasket mad at the stupid, assinine AZ unemployment people who are screwing everyone up daily. Article after article about their incompetence appears. My kid has been laid off 4 mos and can't get them on the phone--busy, but I have heard of people getting a message saying, "Your wait will be 8 hours." Emails do nothing. We finally got one letter--you do not qualify. This was based on a past job she held for 2 days. WELL, DUH, YOU MORONS, AND THIS WAS NOT ON THE CLAIM! Make that EITHER claim--they lost the first one early on. Fire everyone and make my kid an offer--my dog Jim could do better, much less my daughter.

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