Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ain't easy being greenish

I guess in the midst of upsidedown houses and falling prices and ruination, we still want to give the planet a hug.

Kara G. Morrison, AZ Republic, Sept 13, 2009, writes about “greening” your hut to sell.

Some brokers even specialize in greened-up properties—these are called ecobrokers.

One aspect pf being green is to buy a house close to work—cutting your poison-spewing commute.

Layout is important. Windows and longest walls should face north. A garage on the west side is a plus.

If the a/c is over 10 yrs old, you could be looking at replacing it. You can save 40% or more on electricity with a new system (though the elec co will raise rates after your little rebate, so contain that excitement).

You want windows with low-emittance coatings. Shades and coverings are also good.

Get a programmable thermostat.

Get an energy-rated water heater and keep it at 120 degrees. Heating water takes 15-20% of your bill.

Replace a fridge over 15 yrs old. New washers and dishwashers save on water even more than electricity.

Make sure the whole outside—walls, attic, doors, windows—are efficient. A pro inspector can tell you.

I got a new heat pump—it was very nice in here at a setting of 79. The bill was still bad, though—and next yr, I begin paying for the giant steel thing on the roof.

Oh, you pay, you pay.

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