Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheers, and I do mean cheerful

I was sitting here today with bills in both hands, half-finished story ideas on the screen, eeekkk…I see I need to drink more.

Then—super helpfully—an email came in about ecological cocktails, which has to be the best rationalization approach EVAH!! Kudos, people.

Apparently our own Camelback Inn here in the Valley of the Sun has made some spa cocktails—using organic liquor.

You can catch a buzz and kill off free radicals. It’s a dream come true.

Let’s see…The Green Apple Tea’ni uses Juniper Green organic gin, gunpowder green tea, green apple puree, and house-made lemon sour mix. Pucker up—and live long!

Or how about Bloody made with 360 Eco-Luxury vodka, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and basil?

Other drinks contain agave nectar—some agaves just died in my back yard—I killed a mixer! Damn!

There is something else called Rain Vodka—ever tried it? Just so it’s not water. That would be just too cruel.

PS On the shirt in the picture--the fine print says, "Ask your doctor or bartender." I laughed.


Wendy said...

Organic cocktails now? Hmm... can you just see this happening: "But, officer, I'm saving the planet!"

Star Lawrence said...

LOL. Wasn't booze always, potatoes, sugar cane, hops...I want a Cosmo! Now!