Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting cushy government job no POC

Sara Murray, WSJ, Oct 26, 2009, says more than 250,000 federal workers need to be hired in the next three years, but the govt sucks at hiring.

Forget those internships—they hardly ever lead to a real federal job (with pay and all).

7% of federal interns get signed up—50% of private sector interns get lucky.

USAjobs.gov is the spot to cruise for federal employment. The process is very lengthy. Most respondents never hear a word in return.

They feds say they are working on it.

One applicant said he might as well throw his forms in an abyss.

We call it the black hole at my house.

These people can’t get through the resumes—170 on average per opening. They are working on getting an 80 calendar day cycle—11 weeks to fill an opening.

The dreaded KSAs—Knowledge, Skills and Abilities essay question thing—has been eliminated for jobs not requiring a lot of writing.

The apps are difficult, often asking candidates to cite their experience with specific laws or regulations.

Some people come in via private contracting companies instead. But even that takes networking.

If I were meaner, I would say being a left-leaning govt hugger would help, but I am not that mean and it might not help.


Wendy said...

I certainly understand wanting to weed out those that don’t fit the job you’re looking to hire for. I do have to question, sometimes, why it is necessary to jump through hoops, perform like circus clowns and sit up and beg just for the chance to be considered.

Star Lawrence said...

Flaming hoops. I used to write 171s for my ex. One key is don't get cute...Repeat back the words in the listing...verbatim...a computer or a GS-3 is looking for those words, not synonyms. If it says, 3 years experience with the single-source procurement...say, "I have more than 3 years experience with single-source procurement, starting with the Iraqi theatre in 2005... Don't say: "I handled all single source contracts for the Iraqi theatre for three years."

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