Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jumpstart your boring job search

Even being sick and desperate can get boring if you do it long enough.

The gummint now has to list people who aren’t even looking anymore—just living in someone’s basement eating off the fat of the food bank.

In a story by Sarah E. Needleman (WSJ Oct 20, 2009), one person interviewed said he just slapped her cover letter on, sent a res, slapped, sent, etc.

Eventually, she started winging it on the letters, customizing them…and things began to happen.

It takes 27 weeks to find a job, on average. This used to be 19 weeks a year ago.

A second way to liven things up is to seek nonadvertised jobs—jobs people know about. This means talking to people.

This also means going to individual company websites.

Also read the business pages—when someone gets a new position, write and ask if they are going to add people.

If you are waiting a long time, this also gives you time to take a course or get a certification.

Tweet, build Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

And you might have to cut your price point. Even those Million Dollar Listing guys on Bravo are making people cut house prices. Why should salary expectations be different?

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