Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, no--time to become someone else AGAIN

Rick Hampson, USA Today, talks about reinventing yourself. Hey, my Mom invented me! Don’t make me start over on this monumental project.

Positive people (them!) see this economic disaster as a catalyst—forcing them to their true calling or something. I tuned out.

I used to be a lobbyist, then a Mom, then a freelancer, then a screenwriter, now a ticked-off pauper. What a deal!

Hampson talks of lumber workers becoming nurses, paralegals selling cosmetics, interior designers cooking barbecue. Hey, I wish my kid would just be an interior designer—something for which she has an aptitude--forget the brisket.

Figure out something people will do or buy even if they are hurting—pets, appearance, maybe health.

One woman became a dog walker—she bought a franchise.

Which reminds me. I hired a former computer analyst turned pet groomer to help me cut matted fur off my 26-lb cat Chubby Butters. I was holding the Chubster, when the yellow fellow sank a tooth into my hand, blood went everywhere, the ceiling even, and I ended up with a tetanus shot and antibiotics, not to mention a trip to the doc.

See? That guy? Should have stuck with the computer game.

As for me, I am not holding cranky animals ever again.


Debbi said...

One word: plastics.

Star Lawrence said...

I loved that movie...saw it sort of held up, too.

Wendy said...

I have to admit that I'm one of those Positive people. But, I never saw the economic downslide as any kind of sign that you were destined for greatness in another field.

The way I see it is that it's a sign for you to move on. Doors of opportunity aren't likely to just fly open for you; they may need some encouragement to open- like lock picking.

That's why I like the dog walker turned franchise owner bit. That's someone who got off her bottom and got it moving-literally.

Star Lawrence said...

Have I inspired you to overturn everything you know and undertake a different field?