Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Retirement a disease magnet?

Robert Powell, Marketwatch, says that job-based earnings are 30% of the average retiree’s income and above 40% for those with more income.

Are you in good health, can you find work, do you need money? You may be working.

Almost 40% of those over 65 work full-time.

And the good news? A study in the October Journal of Occupational Health and Psychology looked at 12,189 people between 51 and 61 at the beginning and every two years for the next six years and found those who continued to work experienced fewer major diseases and functional limitations.

Hey, you’d just waste your Social Security on booze and fast cars, anyhow.

Might as well punch in and work.

Our paper had a 92-year-old working in a law firm—and she got the job at age 90. They love her!

I would say getting a job at 90 might be a little challenging, though.

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