Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uh-oh--you are now the boss

Chip Cutter (about the best name ever), Associated Press, says you may not be unemployed forever and may in fact get a job where you are the boss.

Then what?

Newcomers have employees of all temperaments to meet supervise—and mountains of paperwork left over.

First, meet with your own boss. See what is expected—maybe an increase in output? Or maybe you have to lay people off. Find out. If there are many tasks, ask for priorities.

As an underling, you focus on your own performance. As a boss—the performance of others, and you can’t control it.

Be authoritative. Don’t try to be buds or friends.

Get to know your people. Set up small meetings, breakfasts, lunches.

Constantly evaluate progress and priorities.

Report to someone every two weeks if you can.

But be confident. Sure, you used to report to a person like you. Now you are that person.

Life is funny like that.

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