Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What not to wear (to an interview)

CareerBuilder is at it again with fashion uh-uh’s.

No “transit gear” when you sit down with the interviewer. This means no sunglasses on top of the head, no briefcase in your lap, and of course, no running shoes.

Do not carry a fanny pack or backpack—briefcase only.

Women, make sure your skirt covers your thighs when sitting.

Men, stick with red or burgundy ties no less than 3-3/4 inch wide.

Stick with navy, black and gray unless you’re in advertising or some creative field. No short-sleeve shirts.

Cut the makeup to essentials.

Men—no earring, just a watch or wedding or class ring.

No visible tatts or facial piercings.

No talon nails, especially with novelty polishes.

No too-short socks or socks that don’t match shoes.

No strong aftershaves (Hai Karate, for example) or perfumes.

If you are wearing a new suit--remove the tags. Also, make sure the pockets are not sewn shut.

Plan what to wear…you have three seconds to register on someone.

Ooops—slip showing.

Do women wear slips anymore?

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