Monday, October 19, 2009

Where's a head hunter when you need one?

In the “Life is Perverse” file you can find headhunters—executive recruiters for big companies.

Usually, if you are at a certain level, you may get an occasional call—they like to seek out good candidates who have jobs and try to lure them away.

Lose your job—need a job—they may not be thick on the ground.

The first hing to remember about head hunters is that they are not working for you, the job seeker. They are only interested in you if you fit a search they have underway. Of course, once you are on their radar you may be considered for other openings they are trying to fill.

Often, they are trying to rule people out, too.

They don’t live to FIND YOU A JOB—you are a way for them TO MAKE MONEY.

To be a polished candidate, you need to have a really good short “elevator” speech—in the time it takes to ride up to Mahogany Row, you should be able to explain yourself. Talk about new systems you invented, money you saved or earned a company, maybe awards.

Don’t lie. Head hunters check.

It’s OK to ask a head hunter about how many placements they make in your area of expertise.

If you work with more than one—tell them all that. Some companies hire more than one head hunter—what if two head hunters succeed in getting you an interview. Who gets paid?

They hate it when that happens.

You want them happy.

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