Friday, November 27, 2009

10 cheap ways to sell your house

One out of 4 Americans owes more on their house than it could possibly sell for. Isn’t that neat?

Out her AZ way, it’s baaad, babies. No matter how many state dinners, luaus, and poetry evenings they have at the White House, we are hurting.

So, naturally, I watch endless “House Hunters,” “Property Shop,” and “Million Dollar Listing” shows, masochist that I am. On MDL recently, a would-be renter of a posh Malibu house requested the brick floor be replaced with wood—this was a RENTER. And they did it…so things are tight everywhere, even in “The Bu,” as I now call it, too.

But I digress.

Kara G. Morrison (A Republic, Oct 11, 2009) has 10 quick things you can do to your house to buff it up.

Scrub everything. Guess that would include the kitty litter area, huh? DETAIL your house.

Redo caulk—that can look all cracky and weird.

Hide the clutter, which means pix and personal things that don’t make the buyer see him or herself in the house.

Replace light bulbs. An inspector may show that as a non-working outlet.

Manicure the yard.

Oust odors. Smoke, pet stinks—even if it means washing walls, repainting or replacing carpet.

Steam-clean carpet—get rid of stains.

Repaint—cheap and really makes a place seem fresh.

Offer peace of mind—pay for a pre-sale inspection or a home maintenance contract.

If you are underwater (owe more than you can get), you may not want to do big things, but do your best.

Speaking of—I also love a show called “Bang for the Buck.” Snippy “experts” critique people’s home improvements while the homeowners look on and comment defensively. “We THOUGHT of that, but it wouldn’t fit there, whoever you are.”



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