Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you too productive?

Companies can do just as much or more with fewer workers. Wall Street is creaming over the productivity numbers.

Employers are more efficient—wages are flat or falling.

As long as companies can wield the whip and get more out of the people they have, the fewer they will need to hire.

Our friends the economists say this can’t go on forever, but it seems like it.

So productivity was twice what was expected—and unemployment went to 10.2%, more in many areas.

Why don’t we all move to China and get a job!?

I know—I am a big grump. But I am so sick of this insane spending on these lame, convoluted bills that won’t do anything for anyone for years and probably not then. Just as this admin is leaving or long after they have been voted out, these measures will be shown to be a total, crippling crock.

Let’s see an industrial policy. Let’s help companies innovate and hire—pay them to, if we must. At least not tax them down to their socks if they try to.

We are running out of rich people.

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