Friday, November 13, 2009

Budget hair

Paradi Mirimirani, MD, assistant prof of dermatology at the Univ of California San Francisco, says you can cut back on hair care—and be better off, not frazzled.

Go to the salon less frequently. Cut back on products. You will still have healthy hair,

Hair is made of fiberlike structures packed together and wrapped with a hard outer cuticle kind of like singles on a roof. If this outer cuticle gets damaged, the inner fibers fray and look frizzy or lackluster.

Lose the boar bristle brushes, Mirimirani advises. They are supposed to be the best. They aren’t. Buy a brush with wide-spaced plastic needles.

Shampoo is a detergent used to remove dirt from the scalp. Most people over-wash. Cut the shampoo days if you have fairly dry skin. African-Americans can get away with once a week. Their skin tends to be drier.

Salon shampoos cost a lot but are in most cases no better for your hair. You should look for a special shampoo for color-treated, if your hair is color-treated. If hair is damaged, use a conditioner. Try a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, followed by more conditioner. Use the conditioner only on the tips of the hair.

Be cautious of heat and chemicals. Never use a flat iron on wet hair. If you use a hot blow dryer, use a styling product that protects against heat.

Store-bought color is not that much different from salon color. Test it for rashes behind your ear for 24 hrs.

Perms at home can be tricky. Maybe a salon for those.

Blow-dry hair upside down for more volume. You may not need a volumizer shampoo.

As for regrowing hair—see your dermie. Did you know I was going to say that?

Also—Remember "Rinse and Repeat"? Don’t repeat.

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