Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grrrrr, sonny

No work, idiot economy, blah, blah…sometimes even I wish I had a nice hunk to talk to.

I am way too old to be a “cougar.” Maybe a sabertooth.

Associated Press’s Megan K. Scott writes about the phenom of old(er) woman, younger man.

First, one of the young’uns says women his age don’t know what they want—hey, maybe marriage.

Cougars certainly aren’t marriage bait. Only 1% of marriages in 2008 were between a woman 10-14 yrs older than hubs.

Still some older women look a teeny hot. One source said it’s like traveling to an exotic land for a young guy to date someone older. You mean, like a trip to Mexico or something? Sheesh, these kids can dream, can’t they?

One matchmaker said more women are requesting younger men, but not the other way around.

Still, older women have more time, more money, more sense of adventure, and more pentup energy.

Well, sort of.

Have you seen that show “Cougar” with Courtney Cox? If I were a younger guy I would be embarrassed to be seen or HEARD with someone as giddy as Cox.

Show some maturity, woman.

OK--Now, Ashton, though--anyone have his twitter?

Come to think of it, though, I saw him on Rachel Zoe and he has a website for teenage girls while being married to Demi.

Never mind. I like dogs. I'm good.

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