Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H'ween over--time for that holiday job

Max Jarman, Arizona Republic, November 1, 2009, says those holiday jobs are going to be popular—because they will be many people’s only job.

Downside—employers are skittish about hiring a lot of people.

Seasonal applications usually go in in October, so you may already be late.

Most companies take apps on line—so go to the sites of stores near you—Target, Walmart—some even have terminals in the stores.

The big box stores are your best bet.

If a company is opening a new store now—that is good.

Check call centers, too—they need help during the hols.

Only followup with a call if the ad does not say, “No phone calls.”

Still—I have found—the old no-answer answer rules almost everywhere. So rude.


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