Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you freelance during this mess, be creative

Job security—you never had it, but you never knew it. Now….

If you are thinking of branching out and maybe trying another field in your off-work hours, pick one different from your own.

If you love to plan and have a project manager certificate—how about party planning, for instance?

Don’t be shy—tell people what you are doing. Have cards printed. Make sure your bosses know this is strictly in your spare time.

Diane Porter writes about this in the WSJ, Nov 3, 2009.

Set a schedule—don’t just do the second job any old time. Have a plan.

Try to build a brand. A website is very important for part-timers.

Make deadlines of your own goals—find five contacts, get the website up, that sort of deadline.

I once wrote a story for the Washington Post on Food Moonlighting—people who had baking or cooking skills and went on to start food or catering companies. That story stuck in my mind all these years—the woman who started Just Desserts trying to carry piles of cheesecakes across icy yards.

Life’s little adventures.


Wendy J. said...

I can't even carry myself across icy yards; let alone piles of cheesecake. Guess that's out for me.

I agree that moonlighting with something different than what you normally do can save some of your sanity. A friend of mine works as an accountant by day and is a CPR instructor by night. The two don't have much to do with each other except maybe when Tax time rolls around. She says that the CPR classes help her have a little fun after a long day of dealing with the aggravations of being an accountant.

Star Lawrence said...

Good example. Thanks.

Star Lawrence said...

Speaking of carrying cakes--what is up with those Food Network baking challanges in which they have to move a 4-ft cake a few feet. Cake moving is now almost an event.