Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Job hunting getting so old

What’s a 55-to-70 yr old to do? Can’t retire, can’t live on air, can’t find a job, can’t Twitter with twits.

Even if you have a skill and lots of experience in marketing, you must add social networking.

For older workers, one expert advises—specialize. After 58, say these experts sadly, you can all but forget about full-time with benefits, though.

So why not do something completely different!? Pick an office building near your home—or a store—whatever. Keep checking for openings in it. Don’t be a stalker, but target it...

Look at nonprofits, such as churches, trade groups, chambers of commerce, charities. Non-profits don’t mean no money—it means the money they get they give to workers.

Take part-time or project work. Get known.

Why not apply at the local assisted care center—they probably appreciate older people.

Be creative!

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