Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanted, sort of: Health care workers

Guess it wouldn’t be too reassuring to be a mammogram tech these days, what with the preliminary foray into cutting medical services to cut costs, but according to Ken Alltucker, Arizona Republic, Nov 13, 2009, pharmacists and certified nursing assistants, to name two, are in demand, although there is competition.

Mayo out here in AZ is seeing three times as many applicants as before.

As for nursing, sometimes experienced (meaning expensive) nurses are replaced by new grads, but most places try for a mix.

The market for pharmacists is tightening—but like other health care pros, they are trying to branch into corporate wellness and disease management.

Instead of “pick, lick, and stick,” they are counseling patients on their medications, sometimes by phone, and monitoring drug use within companies.

Big Brother in a white coat? Did I type that out loud—naw.

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