Monday, November 2, 2009

Was college worth it?

Chad Graham, AZ Republic, Oct 18, 2009, says the AFL-CIO thinks this is a lost decade for young workers…Bleak, my babies.

Not only has the plight of the young worker not improved since 1999, it has worsened considerably.

Income, health care, retirement money, and confidence—off the cliff.

33% live with their parents

31% make enough to pay bills and save (53% in 1999).

55% more hopeful than worried (77% in 1999)

44% making under $30K and no health insurance

47% with workplace retirement plans (down 6% from 1999)

My own offspring skipped college and can’t even find a dead-end job out here…Yes, she’s still in her room.

Sometimes she goes out on the patio.

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