Monday, November 16, 2009

Women dragging home the bacon

For the first time, there are more women in the workforce than men, not that they are making the money men are.

Kelly Evans writes about this (WSJ, Nov 12, 2009).

Boom times, some women can stay home, bust, they must dust off the resume.

One woman in the article was married to a homebuilder…uh-oh. Homebuilding not so great—she was back on the job front.

Unemployment for men 16 and over is 11.2%.

In 4 out of 10 households women are the sole wage earner or make more than the man.

The bright side? Men will have more experience in the home and this could carry over to doing more at home when this recession ends, if it does. (Hold your breath starting NOW.)

One husband said it was a luxury for his wife to have a decade off. Back to workies!

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