Monday, December 28, 2009

About those late-life crises

Is it a crisis if it happens about once a month?

Hey, we live for today, right?

Every day we are told to reinvent ourselves. This can get very exhausting.

But once again, the economy sucks, the admin is a joke, my profession of journalist is on its last legs, and I am sitting here with a family to support.

Welcome to 2010.

So….the other day I saw a baseball cap decorated with hot-glued brocade sort of in a montage—kinda cute…but $35? No way.

But I kept thinking about it…Maybe we could make some even cuter ones and see if local stores would stock them…maybe…

At first my family sort of humored me Yeah. Star, great idea…

Then my daughter said you can't see and your sister has those nails, so I would have to do it and I don't want to.


So now I am back in crisis. Stay tuned.

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