Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Always wanted to be a nurse?

Bad economy or good, health care mess or no, people need good nursing care—disease and injury are givens.

I was reading in my Geo Washington University alum mag about a 15-mo nursing degree you can get to add to your BA. Basically it gives you a second BA.

We look to be about 160,000 nurses short by 2025.

The first year GW did it, 20 grads emerged. That number is doubling.

There are 205 such accelerated degree programs in the US.

I would advise you to call your local university and see what’s what. I put “15-month nursing program” in google and found a bunch.

All the times I have been in the hospital—the nurses made it or broke it.

You could make it bearable for someone or lots of someones.

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