Thursday, December 3, 2009

Animals are deeply recessed, too

Our buds are being left in foreclosed homes or shoveled into crammed shelters. We can’t always afford the shots and vet runs.

But we can do something. On, one reader says they take old blankets and towels to the shelters. One woman even sews them into bed pads. Now that is handy!

Another clips coupons for pet food and takes these to the shelter.

Sometimes feed stores will give dog vaccines (rabies excluded). Check it out. (We have horses around here, so I guess there are feed stores.)

One reader shreds junk mail for rabbit cages. Take out the coated, colored ads.

Use a dog brush to get the pet hair off rugs—saves on those sticky lint rollers or the vac.

Put black pepper where you don’t want animals to “go” in your yard. Worth a try anyhow.

I also contacted a vet who comes to your house—and it was no more expensive that the go-to vet. And I was getting fed up with their attitude over there, anyhow. Grrr.

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