Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Santa a funky gig this year

Joe Golfen (AZ Republic, Dec 21, 2009) says Santas are getting some tough one this year—get Daddy a job, Mom needs something called chemo, can you get Daddy from Afghanistan.

They learn in Santa school to day there is only so much they can do.

One Santa, who has played the jolly elf for 37 years, says when he offers to pray, he does…to be truthful.

Just hearing Santa will be thinking of them makes them feel better, one Santa said.

One Santa said most of the children in a low-income group wanted video games or other toys, but one said, “Santa, can you bring my Mom and me a home—we don’t have one.”

Santa does have the power to comfort, one nurse said.

Who’s going to comfort Santa? I see why some of them have a couple.

Cheers--ho, ho, ho.

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