Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheap, bargain..oh, yeah, Christmas

According to the WSJ, Nov 9, 2009, people are venturing into the mall, but there isn’t money hanging out of their pockets.

Even the big market makers like P&G and Campbell are keeping prices low and emphasizing value.

More than 10% unemployment, six people for every job, a BS "jobs summit” and other factors are spooking everyone this season.

Three-quarters of people intend to buy presents on sale. More than half are using coupons.

Walmart is slashing prices, with 100 toys for under $10.

Applebees says of their customers: “If they only want to spend $20 for two meals, that is all they will spend.”

All of this isn’t bad necessarily—if you need a new computer, grab a bargain. Things like that. Just don’t go nuts.

Feeling recessed? Take a Nozac.

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