Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Poor You: Those Christmas letters

Do I sound defensive? I live in a “working class” neighborhood in an upsidedown house and business is bad in Obamaville.

I sort of dread getting those chirpy long newsletters---And Susie got a full scholarship to Vassar and will spend Junior year in Scotland…Buddy just got a promotion at Morgan Stanley and expects a fabulous bonus any minute…Roger bought a new Escalade and we get 25 miles to the gallon, can you imagine…I was elected to another term …


Can anything be so perfect?

Well, not anymore. According to the WSJ (Dec 18, 2009) many newsletter writers are more subdued these days.

One woman, who had earlier talked of her kids’ progress at household word colleges, instead announced her own layoff. She also noted for all and sundry that she still had health insurance.

The year before one woman had announced her new job—half a newsletter’s worth. This year, one word: Downsized.

Other writers use humor and sarcasm. Oh, I do love sarcasm—it is my favored form of communication. One guy said what a wonderful year, all rumors that I got a $100,000 pay cut are wrong—it was $106,000.

A car dealer wrote: “For God’s sake, buy a car!”

Still others are networking—keep me in mind for x, y, z.

One creative woman said they were Hansel & Gretel trying to sell a house and the banks were the Big Bad Wolves. A wicked Witch (appraiser) devalued them because of the Three Pigs down the street.

I like that one.

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