Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't toss that coal-burning computer

In fact, it can be illegal to put electronic parts in the trash. Some of the parts are exotic or toxic.

At, there are some tips.

If you donate to a school, church, or nonprofit, you may be able to deduct some amount.

Still, even the most rickety-looking schools may sell your equipment and get something better. Try not to be offended.

Stuff under 3 yrs old is apt to be met with the most enthusiasm.

Computers 3-5 yrs old should go to a refurbishing center. Check out for places.

Older than 5 yrs—recycle. Goodwill and the Salvation Army no longer want donated computers.

Keep the operating system in it, keep software in it. Include peripherals where you can.

Get your personal stuff OFF! Reformatting the hard drive will not do it—use DriverScrubber or something similar.

Get a receipt.

I need someone to donate a computer to me! AOL, for one thing, has self-destructed. I am best friends with India.

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