Friday, December 11, 2009

Houses sell better if they look liveable

Want that lived-in look? Lived in but not TOO lived in?

You can hire a live-in stager. Not only does the company bring in neutral furniture and accessories after you’ve left, but a family that will even pay the utilities, insurance and maybe a small rental payment—plus keep the place from looking crummy.

Of course, the sellers do not keep the rental payment—the stager does.

The stagers get to live in a nice home, even if it’s only for a short time.

Kara G. Morrison, AZ Republic, Dec 6, 2009, wrote about this.

Hometenders of America and Showhomes are companies that do this.

This is best for homes over a million dollars and takes an organized person to do it.

Because of this market, though, some live-in stagers get an 8-month run, so it's worth it to them.

Having the home look lived-in removes the desperation would-be buyers might impute to the sellers—therefore,, this approach eliminates many low-ball offers.

Sometimes insurance rates are lower for lived-in homes, too.

Kind of in the win-win-win area, yes?

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