Monday, December 7, 2009

Keen acres

Here in Phoenix, a woman gave a little course on how to keep chickens in your yard downtown (where it's legal).

Back to the soil with us!

Gwendolyn Bounds wrote about this in the Wall Street Journal Dec 3, 2009.

Apparently, rural real estate is holding up better in value. People can’t find a job and take off for the countryside. The erstwhile city folk are called “ruralpolitans.”

Young people buy land as an investment and to live on later.

Some exurban commuters live far out.

While still others actually farm.

Farmland and timberland tends to hold value.

Still, country life can pall—a backed-up septic tank or vermin can dim enthusiasm.

One couple bought a “mix” of chickens from a feed store, but it was mostly roosters. Killing one for food was, shall we say, not the wife’s thing. And it was tough!

Another man had horses—which he described as massive pooping tubes. He had to build bins for the um, waste, in cold and darkness.

Internet access helps a lot.

Makers of small tractors and equipment say business is booming from this trend.

Family farming—has a ring to it. Even sounds familiar.

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