Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kid's sick--but you MUST go to work

When my tot was younger, I used to think I did my best mothering when she was sick—got juice, Jell-O, crackers, pudding, fun sick foods, read more to her, etc.

But one day, after she was knocked down by a kid on a bike, I had to go to a meeting the next day—people were coming from California, it had been set up for months.

Turned out she had a broken leg—and I missed the casting (her Dad took her--he was around then). Just send over my Mother of the Year trophy.

Chandler Regional Hospital has a Kid Care area where kids with strictly regulated symptoms can be dropped off on such occasions. Well, not broken bone occasions, but sniffles events.

Any given day 350,000 kids are too sick to go to school. Working mothers stay home with them 5 to 29 days a year.

You can see if your local hospital has such a service—this one, a well-kept secret, has been around 10 years.

Their rules for judging how sick a child are: Fever over 100, vomiting more than twice in 4 hours, diarrhea, earache, red eyes with goo, lice and nits---stay home from school.

Runny nose, cough or rash, went to doctor, not normal, sick family member—think about keeping them home.

Then, on the bright side, you can do that good mothering, even if it includes finding them a safe place while you go to an emergency meeting. Or try to hold onto your job.

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