Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lessons from a personal shopper

Georgann Yara, writing in the Arizona Republic (Dec 21, 2009), introduces Diana Gruenig, a personal shopper.

Maybe now, during The Troubles, many of us cannot afford a personal shopper, but she has some tricks for us.

She specializes in revamping existing wardrobes—lesson one, don’t toss, rethink.

She shops on Monday and Tuesday—the slowest days in the stores.

She doesn’t riffle through racks and pull out items—she looks down the sides and sees which fabrics are suitably rich.

Some people need an update, others a new image. Know which is which.

She then shops to holes in the wardrobe and rolls the choices to the client on a rack.

It’s less stressful to try things on at home. My sister always takes things home and if she doesn’t like them, just brings them back.

Many men, she says are mannequin shoppers—they buy what is on the mannequin so they can get out of the store.

That’s why half her clients are male.

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