Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry little barter credit

Along the continuing theme of how to give employees a nice Christmas on zero dough---today Parker Leavitt (AZ Republic, Dec 16, 2009) wrote about how some bosses are giving barter points from a local barter exchange or whatever they call them.

This one, the Arizona Barter Exchange, has 600 businesses in it—restaurants, hotels, landscapers, hotels, and others. One company does something for another company and get credits which can then be “spent” at other exchange members’ businesses.

One company gave each employee $300 worth of credits. Then the Exchange held a fair where the workers could “buy” things.

Of course, this isn’t cash that can be used for bills—it is more for services and goods. The kind of things people like to get as gifts.

I was in a barter group once back east—I remember it being pretty complicated…or else I was pretty stupid.

Have you ever tried it, readers?

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