Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S'no joke

The Loyola University Health System says don’t let winter kill ya.

Think of the sledding, days off school, cross country skiing.

And the shoveling.

When you shovel it all day, shoveling snow on weekends is can be dangerous if you do it wrong.

Broken bones, heart attacks—it ain’t pretty.

If you have heart of back problems—get someone else to do it. Period.

Shoveling is like many reps with a heavy weight.

Take a fast walk or march in place first to rev up beforehand.

Wear layers. You can shed them as you get hotter.

Wear gloves—frostbite is not fun.

Use a small shovel with a curved handle. A wad of snow can weight 15 lbs.

Lift with your legs not your back, as mom used to tell you.

Shovel frequently—don’t wait for huge banks to build.

Stay hydrated—being cold does not mean you are not dry.

Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

How about giant brandies? Probably out, too.

They still make cocoa, though.

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