Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(Tiny voice) Wheee

I used to (don’t laugh) hire people. I often finished my spiel by saying, “We try to have fun here.” I remember some shocked and uncertain looks from applicants.

One asked me what the hours were, I remember. I said, “Well, 8:30 to 5:00, but after you have paid some dues, you can kind of come and go as long as the work gets done.” Silence. Then she ventured, “Dues? You have to pay to work here?”

OK—that was funny only to me. Bad example.

I read one of those advice columns on work the other day where the questioner said everyone in her office was joking and yukking it up and she felt like the grouch.

They suggested a website called (I felt very old reading this thing.)

Another said standing out for being a stickler might work in the questioner’s favor.

A third said, “Why be so judgmental, calling the others unprofessional?”

Being professional, this person said, means showing up and doing the work.

If the laughter is keeping you from working, well, you might have to say something. And that something would not be: “Shut up, you losers.”

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