Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We always have been temporary

Everyone is a permanent worker in need of money and meaning, but only temporarily employed and supplied with these.

Jody Greenstone Miller wrote about this in the WSJ Dec 1, 2009.

She says the surge in temporary workers is not a sign of dysfunction—but of the way it’s going to be.

The govt needs to scrap outdated rules governing temporary work.

She hires out temps—this woman. And her business is up 70%.

Companies like to be “flexible”—about to fire people anytime. She says top people like to work this way—as hired guns.

She is recommending the feds create a two-year “safe harbor" for temporaries…not subject them to the IRS’s sloppy rules on who is a temp and who should be classified as a “real” employee.

She is also recommending a new employment tax subsidy for hiring temps. If there is one for other new hires, same for temps.

Let temporary employees buy into the Congressional health plan.

Yeah, that’ll happen. In the meantime, temp even in exec terms, means freelance and consultant means “looking for work.”

I think that's stupid--but hey, people can be stupid.

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