Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Chinese have a saying

“Keep your broken arm up your sleeve” is a saying attributed to the Chinese (no, not Charlie Chan or Confucius). It means don’t spill out your personal troubles or display emotional behaviors.

Desperation would be one of those and is in no short supply these days. Anthony Balderrama,, says desperation isn’t good in the job interviewing situation.

One HR pro said one applicant became so desperate after not hearing back from an employer, he waited for the CEO in the parking lot. “Security!”

Now, though, in this crappy economic mess, people more often show desperation in being willing to take any job.

Or they often to tryout ot temp—without waiting to see if this is even an option.

Don’t say—money doesn’t matter. Desperation play.

Being too pushy is also bad. I agree with that one big-time. Companies are on their own time clock—sometimes these things take weeks or months, or get tabled, or they have an annual meeting, and things slip.

Don’t nag.

But do always leave them with the clear impression that you want the job. Have I said that a few dozen times?

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