Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinosaurs, 'zup, dudes?

When someone calls me a dino for not having a cell phone or thinking writers should be paid for writing, I just knock them over with my big green tail.

But I do vaguely realize technology is passing me by.

Never more so than when I was watching The Middle—a very offbeat sitcom on ABC that purports to be about “the middle,” the flyover states. It’s pretty subtle and funny—I watch it every week. (When a family member comes in with fast food bags, that person always says, “I made dinner.”)

This week, Dad gets laid off and the teenage son Axl (who puts his puts his whole body into his eyerolls or pantomimes himself hanging by a noose every time his parents speak) is also unemployed. Father father and son go to a Job Fair. While in line, the father speaks to the son, and the kid, who is on his cell, holds up a finger..”Interview.”

Interviewing for a job on his cell? Sure.

Eventually, the kid helps his Dad upload resumes, and finally the kid gets a job, shrugging it off saying something like, “This dude from Facebook, like you should work here, man, and I am OK, sweet!”

I don’t tweet. I saw some tweets by people and they didn’t blow my skirts up. I always figure tweeting will blow over and maybe I will catch the next one.

Sweet? Well, sometimes I don’t know.


pfj said...

Star, I am also a dinosaur (age-wise). More tech-savvy than most, my age. However, wasn't willing to get a cell phone until we discovered the pre-paid version.

This is not an ad, and I have NO affiliation with them - and having said that, we got a Tracfone.

For $99 we get an entire year of service (400 minutes), no monthly fee. No additional fee of any kind. But I'm sure there's tax on the initial purchase. (I see that they have a special right now - 600 minutes on the one-year card for $99).

Also, for another $10 or $20 a phone is included. We already have one, so that's not an issue. S&H included, no extra charge.

In our area, a GSM phone will not work. So we had to be careful about which kind to get

We don't use it much, but are happy to have it when we are driving - in case of accident. And happy to have it when one of us is at home, and wants to reach the other.

We figure that the $99 plus misc gives us a lot of value for about $10 a month.

We never use all of our minutes. They roll over to the next year. (Didn't used to, so they got smarter.)

Can buy these in Radio Shack or K-Mart. When we bought ours, a few years ago, the guy at Radio Shack helped with the start-up.

We got the simplest phone we could find. And of course, that made it the cheapest, I would imagine.

We've felt like it was a perfect solution for us -- very little use, but constant availability. And coverage is all over the country. There are a few places it doesn't work, but it does work most places we've been.

Star Lawrence said...

This is useful info, so I am not deleting it. Thanks for cluing us in.