Thursday, January 21, 2010

Failure shmailure

We’ve lost some of our money and can’t find a job. Some people I know say they feel like a failure.

Of course, the self-helpers have the answers…Harvey Mackay always seems to know it all. But in case he doesn’t, he quotes Shiv Kera, writer of “You Can Win.”

Apparently huge human failures have seven things in common. The first is lack of persistence. These are people who quit or read some handwriting on some wall and change direction.

Lack of conviction is a failure trait. You get run over in the middle of the road (cliché!). These people conform.

Rationalizing is bad. Winners analyze, never rationalize.

Not learning from past mistakes is a no-no. What if your past mistake was not giving up or changing direction? What if a mistake was trusting a friend—do you never trust friends again?

Lack of discipline accounts for failure. Self control, sacrifice. Focus. These are all good.

Poor self-esteem is a failure-maker. This author says people with self-esteem issues are always trying to find themselves, rather than creating some new person they want to be.

Fatalistic attitude can sink you. These are people who believe in luck or that others did it to them. Well, I think others did do a lot of this mess to us.

There are kernels of truth—little snacks for thought—in this. But I think one of the worst things leading to a feeling of failure is that any one setback is IT, the end, doom, destiny.

It takes all kinds of things to really be a failure. Take heart from that! You probably haven’t done enough of them to really qualify.


Lori said...

Failures are life lessons. It's also an indication that someone stuck a neck out and took a chance. Not everything works! But shaking it off and pressing on is better than wallowing in it for ages. :)

Star Lawrence said...

Yeah--I have failed tons of times...But when you don't die, you have to do something and that is go on.