Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fast cleanup

Just feel like feeling clearer, less distracted? You could always declutter.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who is a sound engineer for rock groups. A restaurant in DC invited him over to look at their space and tell them how to make it less noisy and clattery. He looked at the exposed duct work all over the ceiling, the wood floors, the chrome, and said, “A grenade.”

This is how I feel about my garage. Scary. Ellen James Martin, Universal Syndicate, talks about decluttering.

You really need to do it before showing a house, but it also can be good while you live there.

Sell unneeded possessions (the yard sale, oh, yes, we have talked of it many times).

eBay if you have anything worth anything.

Before tackling some major doo-dah, get boxes. No need to spend a fortune on fancy containers.

Do it room by room—and do each room like a clock face—1:00, 2:00, etc.

If you are doing it to sell the house—make closets look EMPTY almost.

If you have kids, explain it all—you don’t want them thinking their world is going in the dumpster.

Clean out those kitchen cupboards—buyers look in those.

And if this is for a home sale—take the prescription bottles out of the cabinet. They could get stolen—or even worse, the prospects could wonder what germs are in there or how nuts you were.

I liked a comment a Dane made to Oprah. Apparently, she just loved Denmark with its chummy health care system and super-helpful govt. She was in someone’s house and said, “It’s so neat, where do you keep your stuff?”

The reply? “We don’t have stuff.”

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