Friday, January 15, 2010

For fun--bad things happen to nice houses

A guy came to fix my vacuum cleaner and had to go in my laundry room where there is a dusty area…I felt like such a loser…

Then, I read a story by Kara G Morrison (AZ Republic, Jan 14, 2010) about a realtor who put up a website of ugly house photos. It’s a riot!

Pretty reassuring, people—at least I hope it is for you. One house had so many roaches, he says, he had to tap his feet while sitting there.

One pix was of graffiti—he said someone came in and did it. My daughter did something similar while living there…so…I have nowhere to go on that one.

Some big offenders on Ugly House Photos: refrigerator magnets, hoarding-level clutter, and weird faux painting.

I wonder what he would say about the “chandelier” I made out of black cords and Italian streetlights (viz, above).

Seriously. It looks better now that we poached off all the blue light bulbs for other uses.

Pssst. Don’t tell the Ugly House guy, but I also have an orange Jetson’s coffee table.

Mid-century Modern. That's my story and am I sticking.

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