Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to please interviewers

Let’s see—I have told you I used to hire people. I think I mentioned I once hired someone because she said she had once had lunch with Mick Jagger. So my advice on what people are looking for in an employee should be considered in context, as they say.

Erin Zlomek, AZ Republic, Dec 30, 2009) reports on a survey of 498 Society for Human Resources members.

70% said they would hire someone who took an unpaid internship in their exact field versus someone who worked for paid in an area outside theirs.

28% aid they decided yes or no in the first five minutes. 30% took 15 mins.

A quarter said they do check social networking sites.

86% said inappropriate social pix, such as drunken antics or bad mouthing of former bosses, would sink a candidate.

Also: Typos in the res, flashy clothes, lateness, ringing cellphone, or bad remarks about a former boss—not good.

39% said to talk salary if the interviewer brought it up or else leave it for later.

Don’t say: “This is my dream job.” “I think outside the box.” “I am results oriented.” “I am a team player.”

Do say, “I once met Mick Jagger.”

Kidding, kidding….

Aren’t you sick of that box thing? And the table—as in “This is off the table.”

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