Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man, that interview can be a minefield

Lots of interview stories right now—or did you want to hear about dieting?

Joann S. Lublin, WSJ, Jan 5, 2010, says little things can count for a lot. One company interviewed 40 of 400 applicants and a woman was rejected because she mispronounced the HR guy’s name four time—after being corrected three times.

Who would correct someone three times—maybe that’s just me.

The head hunters say there is more anxiety now—more chance for small “errors.”

Prepare better for interviews is the advice. Know the company cold. Dial up your sensitivity—what does the place look like when you come in, casual dress or not, noisy or not.

One woman wore a low cut blouse with a panther tattoo showing as she leaned forward. Well, gosh, gal, that isn’t hospital management style!

If you eat out with these people, don’t order messy food. Don’t order the most expensive thing you can find.

If someone asks when you could start if you got the job, don’t say, well,I have to give two weeks notice. Just reiterate how interested you are—act like you want the position!

One candidate supposedly jogged over and asked did they have a shower? Come on! Really?

Try not to spill your coffee or water. Yeah, got it. Also, one interviewer did not like male applicants putting a hand on her shoulder—she took that to mean, “Thanks for your time, sweetheart.”

Guess interviewers have their issues, too. And how.

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