Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More ways to doll up your house

Kara G. Morrison (AZ Republic, Jan 10, 2010) talked to HGTV’s Designed to Sell’s host Shane Tallant about how to move the hut in a down market.

I have never seen this guy—I am too involved in my fantasy moment, the cute Yard Crashers guy asking me if I want a free landscaping makeover.

We have already talked about decluttering (speaking of TV, there is now a show on hoarders and I am happy to report I am nowhere close).

Tallant does say to increase your curb appeal with a new doormat. I did. It faded in about a week.

He is also a fan of carpet cleaning. I have had misadventures there, too—funny story, shampooing rounds up pet hair but does not remove it. Oh—don’t ask.

Tallant (his real name, I wonder?) also suggested changing hardware on outdated vanities and kitchen cabinets.

Update light fixtures, too. Oh, no! The lava lamp is out?

Work all the senses—a nice smell, music playing, clean windows.

Which reminds me—I was pricing windows. Yes, I am broke but our dear govt has some sort of sale on weatherization working…you can get a tax credit UP TO $1500—not AT $1500. You learn a lot when people come to bid.

I also learned that plastic-looking vinyl windows are ugly. This won't be happening at Chez Star.

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