Friday, January 29, 2010

Mysteries of the HR back room

Sarah E. Needleman (WSJ, Jan 26, 2010) says many people wonder what the heck is going on with their application.


Some companies notify applicants that they have not made the cut, from others, crickets. Creeek, creeek, silence.

Many larger companies use a team of recruiters to weed out applications, winnow them down.

Some look at every submission, some scan for keywords. Some look at cover letters, others don’t.

Someone referred by someone in the company may get preferential treatment.

Most companies don’t interview more than 20.

Nowadays a phone interview at first is quite common.

This will determine whether the job is in the salary ballpark and how good a communicator the applicant is. Sometimes there will even be a second phoner.

You might also have to take a personality test—this is sometimes being done now.

Often, said one, it comes down to which applicant was most pumped up about the job.

As I have been saying…

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